VISKONT Consulting

VISKONT provides consulting and representation services in the field of copyright protection and related rights, as well as interacts with copyright management organizations on a collective basis. Protection of copyright and related rights includes a full range of services: from the establishment of copyright abuse facts, and to the transferring remuneration to rights holders.

Copyright and Intellectual Property

VISKONT Consulting

Represents right holders in collective management organizations with the purposes to obtain due remuneration for right holders

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Innovative methods

VISKONT innovative methods can effectively localize copyright infringement in the Internet and media spaces, trade networks, handicraft industry, and exclude the possibility of intellectual property illegal usage .

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Services are provided to the owners of intellectual property in convenient forms. VISKONT Consulting doesn’t claim any use of their rights in their or third parties interests, when representing the authors

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Work principles

Successful results are achieved through concerted interactions of the following groups:
• IT experts who professionally identify IP addresses of copyrights violators, which were used for illegall copying and content usage.
• German lawyers with corresponding permits, an impeccable reputation and solid experience in the field of copyright protection

Illegal replication and counterfeit

Our unique developments have successfully proven themselves in the field of automated search for illegal content on the Internet. We search for music, images, logos, trademarks and other intellectual property.
We offer
• Monitoring and deleting content
• Localizing and deleting search results

Contract work

Representing the interests of various rights holders (content authors, composers, filmmakers, script writers, music and film producers, actors) in collective management organizations in Russia, and in post-Soviet countries. These works are held taking into account the specifics of organizations’ activities, and national legislation. Particular attention is paid to such areas as private copying, public performance of musical works (phonograms), as well as their broadcasting on air and by cable.


VISKONT provides patent registration services, as well as registration of licenses, trademarks, logos in relevant companies and institutions of the European Union. We can also provide information on the registered objects of intellectual and industrial property, and on the licensing documents for its use. While providing services to the right holders, VISKONT can distribute licenses for the legitimate use of copyright works.


Corporate partners and employees of VISKONT Consulting have extensive experience in the music business, film industry, IT-technologies, publishing business (books, music), electronic games market and other areas of commercial use of media industry products. Authors of musical works, filmmakers, music and film producers, actors, etc. are our regular customers.


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