Counterfeit and illegal copying

Our unique know-hows have successfully proven themselves in the area of automated search for illegal content on the Internet. We search for music, images, logos, trademarks and other intellectual property.
We offer:

  • Monitoring and Deleting Content
  • Localization and removal of search results

We carry out:
Monitoring and deleting found content in:

  • Google search engines, Yandex, Bing
  • Soc. networks Facebook, Twitter, My.mail, VK,
  • Telegram and Viber messengers
  • Mobile apps on Google Play Market and iTunes, and
    popular torrents, online theaters.

Brand protection, which includes:

  • Localization and blocking YouTube channels, pages and groups in social.
    networks, messengers, mobile applications that are using trademarks illegally.
  • Localization of branded goods, removing them and stopping sales.
  • Search for domain names of housing trademarks and stopping it
    delegation to the offender.