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Telegram Anti-Piracy Service

€300.00 / month

You will get:

  • Automated monitor in Telegram Groups and Bots
  • Automated Collection pirated source links, cyberlockers, links to pirate groups
  • Automated Requesting removal in Source and Google de-index
  • Access to Cloud platform to tracking the process


Removal Personal & Private Content


Include Google delist the following things:

  • Non-consensual explicit or intimate personal images
  • Involuntary fake pornography
  • Images of signatures
  • Bank cards (National identification numbers like U.S. Social Security Number, Argentine Single Tax Identification Number, Brazil Cadastro de pessoas Físicas, Korea Resident Registration Number, China Resident Identity Card, etc.)
  • Bank account number
  • Credit card number
  • Images of signatures
  • Personal medical records
  • Select financial, medical and national ID information


Services are provided to the owners of intellectual property in convenient forms. VISKONT Consulting doesn’t claim any use of their rights in their or third parties interests, when representing the authors.

Protection of copyright and related rights includes a full range of services. To obtain the most effective results and comply with all requirements of the current legislation, VISKONT Consulting carries out its activities only with the participation of lawyers experienced in the following legal fields:

  • Contract work
  • Creation the objects of intellectual activity
  • Resolving ownership issues
  • Registration of violations related to illegal, unconditional use of intellectual property, including the Internet
  • Identication, fixing and combating the illegal manufacture and trafficking of counterfeit products
  • Pre-trial activities and litigation
  • Representation of rightholders interests in the judicial bodies